Peace Club


This earth has a population of more than 7.6 Billion people at present.  The whole world is diversely populated. There are regions of very dense population and vice versa. It is obvious that the world is restricted with limited boundaries and limited resources as well. Beyond the boundaries of earth we have never discovered traces of life forms.  We also know that nature has created sufficient resources for the existence of life. We should understand that these resources are to be shared with all living beings right from the invisible micro-organisms to the complex life forms.

But these resources are being devastated at an alarming rate. Mankind has not understood the effective utilization of natural resources. Population and Industrialization has played a major role in the destruction of natural resources. Industrialization has destroyed a remarkable portion of forests, rivers, mountains and other resources. This in fact has an adverse impact on large volume of people in social, economic and environmental aspects.

Globalization and wrong economic policies have increased the differences between rich and poor all around the world. The consumeristic life style has accumulated the major portion of wealth with few corporate industrialists. International political systems act as slaver to these corporate for acquiring the rule over people. This corporate economy oriented political structure has failed to address the issues of common man like poverty, unemployment and sharing of resources. This leads to conflict among people, loss of faith in government and social unrest.

It is very important to introduce the more efficient and sustainable system of living with communal understanding. This can be achieved by enriching people with alternate political ideas to ensure the right of living for all living things. Spreading love and affection from ourselves to the society and looking up the problem of the poor and unprivileged with empathy. Educational institutions are the right place to seed the importance of peace and social justice among the younger generation. Hence we decide to initiate a peace club where students can think about framing a peaceful society in social, environmental, economic and political aspects.

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