Fundamental Maths

Mathematics is found to be one of the most unlikely and difficult subject for many students during fundamental education. But in reality, math can be a most easy and interesting subject than any other if it is taught in a right way. India is a mother land for most of the mathematical inventions. Most of the fundamental theories and laws of mathematics emerged from India. It is also a birth place for many renowned mathematicians. We are the one who taught others how to count. The decimal value system that is used today all around the world is a gift of India. Mathematics traveled from India to the whole of western part of the world. India still plays a significant role in the development of mathematics.  But, this generation finds it more difficult to learn.

The most significant reason behind the hardships of mathematics is restricting it to a classroom subject. We have not introduced the technique of obtaining mathematics from nature and society. We have still not developed effective techniques to teach mathematics. KALARI has developed certain unique and effective techniques to teach and learn mathematics so that it could be a most easy and interesting subject for children.