KALARI has picked up two particular places for providing relief materials and rehabilitation. One is Thenmala at Kerala where 1200 adivasi people are worst affected and require our help immediately. The second village is at Coorg, Karnataka which is also an adivasi village affected by worst landslides. Please support us and be in touch. All details about relief work will be published in this site.



  • Tarpalin Sheets – 100 Nos
  • Rice – As much as possible
  • Dhal – As much as possible


  1.  KALARI Center, Melakuyilkudi Road, Nagamalai Pudukkottai, Madurai
  2.  Madurai Meenakshi Matriculation School, Pechiyamman Padithurai, Simmakkal
  3. Aivanam, Behind Millan’m Mall, K.K.Nagar
  4. Ajith Systems, Opp to Taluk Police Station, Thirumangalam
  5. Saga 2 Wheelers, Thirunagar 4th Stop, Thirunagar

We request you to fill out this form to reach you better and follow up with our activities. Thanks for your support.



  1. Mr.Manichandran – Rice (100 Kg)
  2. Mr.Remigius – Rs.1,000/-
  3. Mr.Balamurugan – Rs.1,000/-
  4. Mr.Rajkumar – Rs.5,000/-
  5. Mr.Rajmohan – Rs.1,000/-
  6. Mr.Rauf – Rs.500/-
  7. Mr.Rahul – Rs.5,000/-
  8. Mr.Saravanan – Rs.10,000/-
  9. Ms. Meenakumari & Friends – Rs.17,500/-
  10. Mrs.Geetha & Friends – Rs.6,500/-
  11. Mr.Narayanan – Rs.2,000/-
  12. Mr.Ram Keerthi – Rs.1,000/-
  13. Ms.Jeevakarunya – Rs.500/-
  14. Mr.Vishwa & Friends – Rs.2,000/-
  15. Mr.Veluchamy – Rice, Wheat and Dhal
  16. Madurai Meenakshi Matriculation School – Biscuits, New Dresses, Rice, Toothpaste, Brush, Soap and Shampoo
  17. Thirunagar Pakkam Friends – New Dresses, Dhothies, Rice, Wheat, Biscuits, Blankets, Candles, Mosquito net, Mosquito coils, Matchbox, etc..

Total Fund collected in cash: Rs.53,000/-

Expense Details:

1. Dhal 50 Kg – Rs.3,700/-
2. Rice 25 Kg – Rs.800/-
3. Napkin 10 Packs – Rs.280/-
4. Milk Powder – Rs.1,276/-
5. Tarpaulin 30 Nos – Rs.25,500/-
6. Fuel Expense for collection of materials at T.Kallupatti, Thirumangalam, Thirunagar, MMM School & Nagamalai Pudukkottai – Rs.700/-
7. Tea for 9 people on day of travel: Rs.124/-
8. Breakfast for 9 people on day of travel: Rs.494/-
9. Vehicle rent and fuel charges for two vehicles (Omni – Madurai to Arippa, 240 x 2 Kms): Rs.7,650/-
10.Dinner for 4 people on day of travel: Rs.395/-

Total Expense: Rs.40,919/- (Fourty Thousand Nine Hundred and Nineteen Only)

Balance Amount Present: Rs.12,081 (Twelve Thousand and Eighty One only)

This amount will be utilized for Coorg Relief. Thanks for all your support.


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