About Us

KALARI is a social initiative that enhances the school education to be more children friendly and life centered. We are working on this matter since 2013. Our key areas include providing activity based training on fundamental science, fundamental maths, organic agriculture, environmental education and tradition. We also work on developing new ideas for simple and effective teaching methods.

There are certain factors that determine the quality and standards of living. We focus on strengthening of such factors through education for building a healthy society for the new generation. We understand the flaws of current education model and design an alternative solution to reach the children in a better way. Education is not just a tool for employment rather it is a tool for empowerment and wisdom.

KALARI is  a Tamil word that literally means a place to learn and express your skills. Hence, as you understand it is a place to learn diverse fields of arts, science and other subjects in a more interesting way and express your skills for a good respect and recognition.



“We believe in Nelson Mandela’s quote that says Education is the most powerful tool to change this world. We take this tool to build a peaceful and sustainable society. We are on a crucial stage where we should understand and act immediately on the need for protecting our natural resources, constructing a peaceful society and ensuring social justice for each and every person in this society.

It was on 2013 when we first decided to work on alternative and life centred education. We organized many meetings and discussions on this subject with many activists, educationalists, teachers and headmasters of various schools. We came up with a syllabus of life skill learning and we went through an immediate implementation of our framework at a children home near Madurai. We gained many learning’s and effective methodologies that positively worked out with children during the course of time.

Self-examining the success and flaws in our system, we redesigned our framework with new and innovative ideas. We then engaged with a private school on teaching the fundamental science concepts in activity based methods. We are now finally equipped and consecutively updating our facilities to render a state of art platform for the children to enjoy learning. KALARI is a collaborative effort of many supporting minds and hence we always understand our roles and responsibilities over the society. We don’t compromise from our prime objective and we are always glad to serve the genuine under privileged community with our best efforts.”