Living With Nature @ Coorg

Living With Nature  @ Coorg
Place: Coorg, Karnataka
Date: 21 Dec 2018 – 24 Dec 2018
Max Participants: 30

LIVING WITH NATURE is a program to connect human and nature. Throughout centuries we have been violating the laws of nature in-spite of witnessing devastating impacts. LWN is a platform to understand nature, adore nature and connect with nature. KALARI organized the same living with nature program at yevakapadi of Karnataka on 25 th december of 2017.Yevakapadi is a small remote village surrounded by dense forest on thadiyandamol. Thadiyandamol is the Karnataka’s second largest peak which is the birth place of holy river cauvery. Thadiyandamol is nature’s paradise with wide varieties of tall trees, silent valleys, cool streams, wild animals and nature loving people. A group of people belonging to Malaikudiya adivasi community are the aborigines of that village. They welcome us with immense love and happiness. They share their culture, tradition, beliefs, food style and many other attributes of their life with us through out our camping. It is a place of extremely advanced civilization.After the recent floods, our campers made a great work to organize relief materials for the people of yevakapadi and nearby. Relief materials for 200+ families have been directly distributed by our team members. An adivasi with tears out broke saying that “This thadiyandamol is a place of giving. She never raised her hands for getting. It is the first time it made us to beg for life. We deserve this devastation.” These people wanted us to make another visit to share their experiences!

The program usually engages mixed set of people comprising of students, children, faculty, family, social workers, IT employees and more… This is a perfect platform to connect various people among themselves and with nature as well.

Program Schedule:

21 Dec: Starting from Madurai and various other cities through bus
22 Dec: Reaching Yevakapadi, Introduction, camp brief, Interaction
23 Dec: Trekking to Thadiyandamol Hill Top, Bird Watching, Visiting Flood Affected Places and Adivasi Cultural Program
24 Dec: Interaction, Feedback and return

Boarding Points:

Madurai : 21-Dec-2018 | 04:00 PM
Sathyamangalam: 21-Dec-2018 | 10:00 PM
Bangalore: 21-Dec-2018 | 11:30 PM

Train available from Chennai Central – Bangalore KSR at 03:30 PM. Participant shall book tickets on their own.


  1. We provide quality Veg & Non-Veg food for campers.
  2. A safe and separate dorm style living place for men and women.
  3. Toilet facilities


Kindly read all terms and conditions before registering for the event!

Send us a e-mail to with your bio-data containing following information:

  1. Your Name:
  2. Age:
  3. Gender:
  4. Father / Mother / Spouse Name:
  5. E-Mail Id:
  6. Contact Number:
  7. Parent / Spouse Contact Number:
  8. Occupation:
  9. Designation:
  10. Institution & Place:
  11. Residential Address:
  12. Do you have any medical problems:
  13. Are you in any Social organization?
  14. Social Work Background
  15. Why do you want to participate?
  16. Have you participated earlier?

The organizer has the right to approve or reject your registration.

Camp Fee: Rs.3,500/- (Three Thousand Five Hundred Rupee Only)
Last Date of Registration: 01-12-2018
Last Date of Payment: 05-12-2018

Child Fare

  • Children aged up to 6 years (<= 6 years) are charged Rs.500/-
  • For children aged above 6 years (>6 years) and up to 12 years (<=12 years), child fare will be Rs.2000/-
  • For children aged above 12 years (>12 years), adult fare will be charged.

In case any discrepancies arise during the travel on age criteria / fare based on height of the child the participant shall bear the additional transport expenses.


Partial / Full Payment shall not be returned in case of cancellation

Terms & Conditions:

  1. No participant is allowed to leave camping in between.
  2. Participants shall not roam around alone as the place is a dense forest and habitat for wide range of wild animals.
  3. Participant shall actively participate in all interactions / events / cultural activities / discussions / sessions / games / volunteering activity during the program
  4. Participants shall not bring or purchase packed / junk / roadside foods during camping
  5. Usage of mobile phones, taking selfies are strictly prohibited during camping. You will be provided with emergency contact numbers to share with your friends and family
  6. Usage of cameras are restricted
  7. Selection of participants is solely under the discretion of the organizer
  8. No participant is allowed to use private mode of transport to reach / leave the camp
  9. The organizer has the right to alter or change the camp schedule with / without prior notice
  10. Majority of places will have no reach for mobile networks
  11. Participants are encouraged to bring home made foods / snacks and share it with others
  12. Liquor drinking / carrying / purchasing is strictly prohibited
  13. Smoking is strictly prohibited
  14. Enjoy available food and facilities
  15. Please inform us prior if you have any medical problems
  16. Do not bring any kind of chemical products, soaps, shampoos or paste for camp. Herbal bath powder and tooth powder will be provided
  17. Do not disturb any flora or fauna during the travel

What You Get:

  1. A wonderful camping experience
  2. A new network of people
  3. Lifetime memory
  4. Alternative lifestyle ideas

Must Read:

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