Youth For Change – International Youth Day

KALARI honors Satheshwaran., MSW (I Yr) at Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College and Sivashankar., B.E., Civil Engineering (IV Yr) at Thiagarajar College of Engineering on  International Youth Day as “Youth for Change”. We respect their selfless service to the society. We also value their strong support to KALARI.

KALARI continues to support their strong intention and service to the society.


Satheshwaran is a man of love and emotions. He always loves to hang out with his friends. He has a wider friends circle at almost all age groups. He takes care of the educational expenses of almost 10+ fellow students studying with him, who have lost their earning parent.  He organizes part time jobs to his friends while he is also a part time worker as well. He is keen about keeping young people away from drugs. He has a parental care over his friends. He also maintains a close and smooth relationships with professors of his college and advocates for student issues in a non-violent manner.


Sivashankar is an engineer with social concern. Siva is fond of applying his knowledge to society. He also has a set of friends, who’s common hangout is to volunteer for a good cause. He includes the support of professors and lecturers in his college for his service. Being an NSS Volunteer, he motivates a lot of youngsters to work with a social concern. Siva brings a countable change on the mindset of youngsters that earns him lot of trust and love in society.

KALARI congratulates these youngsters and motivates them to extend their service to society forever.

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